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Welcome to our website. We are an enthusiastic group of growers based on a   small farm on Plymouth’s border with the South Hams. Plymouth’s eastern hinterland has a long history of  producing fruit and vegetables for the City and was once home to many small farms, market gardens, glasshouses, orchards and plant nurseries. Sadly, in recent years, the growth of  supermarkets and the availability of cheap, imported produce has led to changes to the way our food is produced and distributed and much of our own “food heritage” is in danger of being lost forever. Our aim is to try to help to keep our local food tradition alive in a small way by growing our own produce – we firmly believe that in doing so we are not only providing for our families by growing fresh, nutritious fruit and vegetables, we are also helping to safeguard sustainable, small scale food production for the benefit of future generations. We are proud to support The Plymouth Food Charter which aims to help our local economy and the environment through both reducing our carbon footprints and helping to preserve wildlife biodiversity in the region.





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